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R1 AutoHaus: Unlock the Ultimate Protection for Your Vehicle in Calgary with XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 PPF

As car enthusiasts in Calgary know, protecting your vehicle against the elements and the rigors of daily driving is crucial. At R1 AutoHaus, we understand this need profoundly, which is why we proudly offer the XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 PPF – a revolutionary solution in vehicle paint protection.

Why XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 PPF Stands Out

Innovative Protection Technology: XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 PPF is more than just a protective layer; it's a cutting-edge shield designed to preserve your car's paint job. Its advanced polyurethane film is ten mils thick, offering unparalleled resistance against scratches, rock chips, and road debris – common challenges on Calgary's streets.

Self-Healing Properties: One of the most remarkable features of XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 is its self-healing ability. Minor scratches and swirls disappear with heat exposure (either from the sun or engine heat), ensuring your vehicle's surface remains flawless.

Clarity and Aesthetics: Unlike other protective films that may yellow over time, XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 maintains crystal-clear transparency, enhancing your vehicle's natural shine. This means your car will not only be protected but will also maintain its glossy, showroom-like appearance.

The R1 AutoHaus Advantage in Calgary

Expert Application: At R1 AutoHaus, our certified technicians are trained in the precise application of XPEL Ultimate Plus 10. We ensure a seamless, bubble-free finish that contours perfectly to your vehicle's unique curves and edges.

Tailored for Calgary's Conditions: Calgary's weather can be harsh on vehicles, from icy winters to gravel-laden roads. XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 is designed to withstand these conditions, ensuring long-term protection and maintaining your car's value and beauty.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our installation of XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 PPF isn't just limited to high-impact areas. We offer comprehensive coverage options, ensuring complete protection of your vehicle's most vulnerable surfaces.

A Worthwhile Investment

Investing in XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 PPF at R1 AutoHaus means investing in your vehicle's longevity and appearance. It's an investment that pays off in the long run, saving you from costly repairs and keeping your car looking pristine.

Join the Protected

Embrace the peace of mind that comes with the best in vehicle protection. Contact R1 AutoHaus today to schedule your XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 PPF installation and join the ranks of protected vehicles in Calgary.

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